Getting Started – 4 Essential Badminton Equipment

Playing badminton does not require a lot of equipment. Here is the list of 4 essential badminton equipment you’ll need to have in order to get started.

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Badminton Racket

As a beginner, you don’t have to be picky with your badminton racket. The badminton racket looks like the one in the photo above and is a lot lighter and smaller than the tennis racket. The standard badminton racket should be relatively light, weighing between 79-91 grams. Usually, the lighter the racket, the better, as it allows you to move and swing faster. Rackets are usually made of steel or aluminum but higher end rackets, with better durability because of nanomaterials are also available if you want to invest in a good racket early on. Some popular brands are Yonex, Wilson and Li-Ning. The racket’s strings and grip are also adjustable. You can opt to have your strings adjusted in terms of material and tension depending on your comfort level. While you can place wraps around the grip to make it more comfortable and less slippery to hold when you sweat.

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Also known as the shuttle or the bird, the shuttlecock comes in two forms. For most competitions such as the Olympics, the feather shuttlecock is used. This shuttlecock is much more aerodynamic and also has a higher flight trajectory, making it easier to control your shots. More expensive shuttlecocks are also usually better in terms of aerodynamic properties and lightness The second type is the nylon shuttlecock is a more cost-effective option since it does not break easily. The nylon shuttlecock is also a bit heavier and is not as affected by wind, and so it’s preferable to use when playing outdoors.

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Badminton Court and Badminton Net

The standard badminton court dimensions are 20 by 44 feet, with a 5 ft high badminton net in the center. Courts can be on concrete, wood or acrylic floors. You can even set up your own court if you have the space by purchasing a badminton net set. However, for badminton competitions, they’re played on a PVC/PU vinyl flooring. These are the green courts usually on top of wooden floors. These courts are better to play in since it has anti-slip properties and a bit of cushion.

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Badminton Shoes

Regular low-cut training shoes or rubber shoes may be used to play badminton for casual players or when you play in outdoor or wooden courts, but it is not recommended. When you play competitively and the games can get fast with a lot of quick movements, it is highly recommended to use badminton shoes, with less lateral support, to help avoid sudden injury such as ankle sprains. Also, when playing on the PVC/PU court, badminton shoes also have better traction helping avoid slippage. Victor and Yonex badminton Shoes are highly popular especially among competitive players.

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