About the Badminton Drills Team

Badminton is a sport that everyone can play and learn at any age.

The Badminton Drills Team consists of avid badminton players who understand that no matter what your skill and fitness level, badminton can be your sport. With fundamentals and skills being the key, anyone can become a competent player with the right amount of practice. In our own group, we started at different skill levels and would just play the game once or twice a week. However, what we realized is that no matter at what skill level you’re playing, badminton can really be an enjoyable sport that you can continuously play. At the same time, whether you’re just a beginner trying to learn how to serve, or you’re a competitive player fine tuning parts of your swing, Badminton Drills will help you through the articles and recommendations made here.

Hope you enjoy and learn a thing or two from this website and see you on the court!

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